Success Stories

Mom and Teen Son

This family was living in a hotel room when they entered shelter rotation Thanksgiving Night at Stuart Congregational. After 8 months in shelter rotation, they moved into transitional housing. Mom is working full time, her son graduated high school and they have their own home!

Single Mom with 18 y.o. and 2 y.o.

Mom is a waitress in our community making average pay. She especially struggled during COVID shutdowns and ended up losing her place and couldn’t afford market rent. We were able to help keep their fur baby “Sissy” by using our program Pets with a Promise. After a year, their family has found a rental home and reunited with Sissy.

Parents with 4 y.o. Son

This family’s landlord wasn’t keeping up with health code standards. The home had bats and mold and it was giving the family health issues. The court hearing ruled in the family’s favor but due to the conditions of the home, the city condemned it. The family had to move out by the end of the month. They went into the shelter rotation with Family Promise and then found a reliable landlord with a rental property.

Grandmother with 2 Teens

Grandma was sleeping in a horrible hotel for 6 months with her two teens. The hotel was $115/night but filled with bed bugs, roaches and drug use by other patrons. Unable to afford local rent due to social security income being only $900/month. The Help Us Move In (HUMI) Grants helped her move to another county she could afford.

Single Dad with 18 y.o.

This single Dad and teenage daughter rented their home for 8 years, paying rent on time each month. Their landlord passed away and his family sold the property. Dad is a medical driver for Martin County and is now unable to afford current rental prices. They moved into the shelter rotation with Family Promise for 6 months and have now purchased a home in GA and secured employment as a medical courier. They’ve been able to save thanks to Family Promise!

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